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Picea abies 'Acrocona'

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"Conifers magnificent color changes, fascinating and extreme forms and spectacular winter color!"

Conifers include approximately 625-700 species worldwide and up to 900 taxa including distinctive subspecies and varieties, compared with an estimated 400,000 species of flowering plants, but conifers are much more important to the world's landscape and ecology than their relative small number of species might suggest. Conifers have their own unique appearance. 
Debreczy, Zs. and I. Rácz, 2011. Conifers Around the World. Vpls. 1-2 DendroPress Ltd, Budapest. 1089 pp.

Conifers, a diverse and vast group of plants are spanning in size from tiny miniatures to giant forest trees.
Conifers provide unsurpassed beauty with their spectacular color changes. Their most astonishing transformation takes place during springs new growth. These four-season plants have fascinating and unusual forms: some are weeping, pendulous, columnar and pyramidal, others are prostate, globose and dwarf. Conifers provide interest in all season and they add essential ingredients to a garden never replicated by any other plants. 

The environmental requirement for each plant depends upon the conifers native habitat. Before you buy plants, try to research the cultural conditions and how to provide them. Select plants that will grow in the environment you can supply.
For more cultural information, growing tips and solving problems and to  obtain unusual and rare species, we recommend joining the Conifer Society. The Society promotes plant and seed exchanges and provides information on the culture of these plants.

Interested in learning more about conifers? Join the International Conifer Society Conifer Obsession, providing several E-mail discussion groups for every knowledge level. A VIRTUAL Conifer Society for Conifer Connoisseurs! 

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Jewels of the Plant Kingdom from around the World

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Descriptive notes for each  plant:
Culture and Habitat

Picea_abie_Acrocona.jpg (35860 bytes)

Fagus_sylvatica.Atropurperea_Pendula.jpg (179193 bytes)

Pices_abies_Acrocona_cones.jpg (47012 bytes)

Picea abies 'Acrocona'

Fagus sylvatica


Picea abies 'Acrocona' cones


Heidi_von_Stern.jpg (118959 bytes)

Chub_Harper.jpg (58109 bytes)

Larix_decidua_'Himmel.Broom'.jpg (149252 bytes)

Heidi von Stern
The Arboretum's Deer & Rabbit Patrol

Hidden Lake Gardens, Michigan
from left to right: Gary Gee, Siegrid Stern, 
Chub Harper, Carole Groh and Dennis Groh in rear

Visit: The Harper Collection of Dwarf & Rare Conifers



Larix decidua 'Himmel Broom'

Sciadopitys verticillata 'Variegata.jpg (750035 bytes)

Sciadopitys verticillata 'Variegata'
A very rare plant originated from Iseli Nursery




Conifers in Spring

Abies_koreana_Aurea.jpg (82052 bytes) Pinus_parviflora.Goldilocks.jpg (207719 bytes)

Arboretum_de_Concord.Pinus.peuce.Variegata.jpg (70371 bytes)
Pinus_peuce.Variegata.cones.jpg (79431 bytes)
Pinus.peuce.Variegata.1.jpg (76314 bytes)
Pinus.peuce.jpg (194051 bytes)

Arboretum_de_Concord.Pinus.contorta.'Taylors.Sunburst'.jpg (76869 bytes) Taylors.sunburst..jpg (170594 bytes)
Abies koreana 'Aurea' Pinus parviflora 'Goldilocks'


Pinus peuce 'Variegata'

                           Pinus contorta 'Taylor's Sunburst'

Arboretum_de_Concord_17.jpg (75969 bytes)
Pinus_ayacahuite.jpg (85547 bytes)

Pices_abies.Rubra_Spicata.close.up.jpg (106241 bytes)

Picea_abies.Rubra_Spicata.jpg (75181 bytes)

                       Picea abies 'Rubra Spicata'


Picea_bicolor.jpg (188916 bytes)

Picea_bicolor_cones.jpg (90896 bytes)

Picea_bicolor_2.jpg (104108 bytes)

Picea bicolor (aka jezoensis) 'Howells Dwarf Tigertail'
Asia - Zone 5 - not heat tolerant



Conifers in Summer


Arboretum_de_Concord.Thuja.occidentalis.'Filiformis'.jpg (82433 bytes) Picea_meyeri.jpg (83247 bytes) Picea_wilsonii.jpg (84468 bytes)



Pinus_mugo_Enci_.jpg (91382 bytes)
Pinus_ayacahuite.jpg (200485 bytes) Picea_abies_fraseri.Columnar.jpg (78513 bytes) Picea's from China.jpg (199592 bytes)
Picea_abies.Pendula.3.jpg (85417 bytes) Picea_abies.Pendula.5.jpg (163756 bytes)
Picea abies 'Pendula'



Arboretum_de_Concord_14.jpg (90229 bytes) Pinus_parv.Ara.Kawa.jpg (209558 bytes)
Pinus parviflora
'Ara Kawa'
Arboretum_de_Concord_12.jpg (163967 bytes) Picea_abies.Pendula.2.jpg (86743 bytes) Arboretum_de_Concord_13.jpg (21800 bytes)
Arboretum_de_Concord_22.jpg (181066 bytes) Arboretum_de_Concord_15.jpg (91131 bytes)



Thuja occidentalis 'Filiformis' Picea meyeri
Picea wilsonii

Pinus ayacahuite
Abies fraseri
Picea meyeri & wilsonii, 
P. pungens in rear




 Conifers in Winter


Arboretum_de_Concord_Juniperus_Tolleson's_Blue_Weeping.jpg (71161 bytes)
Junip. scopulorum
'Tolleson's Blue'
Cunninghamia_lanceolata.jpg (142247 bytes) Pinus_contorta_Chief_Joseph.jpg (20900 bytes) Sequoiadendron_giganteum.jpg (56780 bytes)
Pinus contorta var.latifolia 'Chief Joseph' Sequoiadendron giganteum
Microbiota.jpg (88067 bytes) Arboretum_de_Concord_Picea_abies_Pendula.jpg (80566 bytes)
Picea abies



Arboretum_de_Concord_9.jpg (80622 bytes) Arboretum_de_Concord.23.jpg (82637 bytes)
Pinus sylvestris 'Gold Coin'.jpg (250482 bytes) Arboretum_de_Concord_26.jpg (56682 bytes)
Pinus sylvestris
'Gold Coin'
Arboretum_de_Concord_25.jpg (147627 bytes) Arboretum_de_Concord_10.jpg (85388 bytes)






Arboretum_de_Concord_6.jpg (76486 bytes)











Arboretum_de_Concord_24.jpg (40853 bytes)



Conifers after an Ice Storm

Arboretum_de_Concord_16.jpg (82152 bytes) Arboretum_de_Concord_1.jpg (76172 bytes)
Arboretum_de_Concord_7.jpg (78226 bytes) Arboretum_de_Concord_3.jpg (77029 bytes)
Arboretum_de_Concord_2.jpg (85433 bytes) Arboretum_de_Concord_4.jpg (81838 bytes)








The environmental requirement for each species depends upon the plants native habitat. 
Before you buy plants, try to research the cultural conditions and how to provide them.
 Select plants that will grow in the environment you can supply.
For more cultural information, growing tips and  and solving problems, 
we recommend to join one of the Conifer Obsession Groups.
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Interested in learning more about conifers? Join the International Conifer Society
A VIRTUAL Conifer Society for Conifer Connoisseurs 



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